Why Personal Trainers Need to Deliver Fun Virtual Workouts

As personal trainers, our passion for training gym goers is not only derived from helping people accomplish ambitious fitness goals but also from the experience we provide. Delivering unique workouts, that are challenging, fun, results-oriented and enable participants to forget the stresses of everyday life is what we strive to deliver

It is the combination of those factors that make personal training both unique and adventurous!

For the novice personal trainer or even trainers that want to take their personal training business to the next level, the question becomes how do we make our classes so fun that customers return to our classes and refer their friends?

How to Start Designing Your Workout Program

Step 1: Conduct a High-Level Search

Arguably the easiest way to start is to research the fitness industry at a high-level via search engines likeGoogle. You can get a quick glimpse of what personal trainers and fitness studios are posting about on their blogs, interviews from high-profile trainers to identify key trends on virtual training and much more.

The idea is to gather as many relevant sources of information and pieces of content to give your program a direction.

Step 2: Find Key Surveys in the Fitness Space

Surveys are extremely useful in understanding your ideal customer base. There are thousands of fitness websites that can help you in tap into the demands of your ideal customers, such as:

· The Health & Fitness Journal

· American College of Sports Medicine

· Technogym

· IBISWorld: Gym, Health & FitnessClubs Industry in the US

In this step, we are looking for what consumers are looking for in a training session.

Questions you can answer are:

· What type of ambiance are gym goers looking for?

· How are participants choosing their programs?

· What level of difficulty do gym goers want in a workout?

Essentially, we want to understand their needs and then position our workout program to those needs.

Step 3: Create a Workout Program that Speaks to Your Audience

Once you’ve collected enough information on your ideal clients, what type of ambiance they are looking for in their sessions, the type of workout, music etc., you can craft training programs and live sessions that will make you the next Kayla Itsines, Rachel Brathen or even Melissa Wood.

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