Remote Workouts Are the Next Best Thing: Here is How to Get Started

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Even before COVID-19, online fitness was trending upwards with no signs of slowing down. Now, in a time where most governments are shutting down gyms, public transport, and more, the usage of apps like Mindbody have shot up. According to Forbes, 73% of consumers are using pre-recorded video versus 17% in 2019; 85% are using livestream classes weekly versus 7% in 2019. This increase, combined with the fact that 63% of Americans are using this time at home to start getting into shape, has led to a plethora of options for online fitness classes.

Consequently, for the average person, choosing the right virtual class can be daunting. This task becomes even harder when it is the person’s first time exploring the fitness industry. However, fear not, this article aims to make that process easier than ever!

How to Choose the Right Live Workout for You?

As it was mentioned earlier, the options for online fitness courses are nearly endless these days. There are pre-recorded videos, live classes, tutorials, and much more; all offered across a multitude of fitness industries. Follow the 3 steps below to find the right class for you.

1. Decide what type of workout is best for you.

  • Weight loss? Cardio and endurance training. Flexibility? Yoga. Strength? Probably weight training. The options are boundless; there is a routine for everyone’s’ goals. Generally, it is best to keep mixing up your workout routines.

2. Look for the right fitness app, website, or program.

  • Nearly all fitness studios and instructors are shifting online to deal with the high demand. As a result, there are plenty of different classes out there.

3. Explore your options

  • Most classes are either free or offer free trials. Take advantage of this and test the waters. Even in the case where you must pay for the class, most instructors are happy to offer a free trial class — just ask them. You can only be confident you have chosen the right class once you have seen what they are like.

With those 3 steps, you should be set to find the right class!

How You Should Prepare Ahead of Your Live Workout?

So you researched what kind of workout routine is best for you, you checked out some websites, apps, or programs, tried some classes out (hopefully for free), and now you’re registered for your first online fitness class. Congratulations!

Now considering 46% of survey participants stated that they intend to make virtual classes a regular part of their routine, even after studios reopen, most people will need to set up a space in their home to properly participate in these classes. Following the steps outlined below will help you with that process.

1. Ask your instructor if there is any specific equipment they recommend, or is needed, for the class. At the very least, a yoga mat will be helpful for keeping your floor clean and providing some comfort if you need to get on the floor. After that, it really depends on the class one is taking.

2. Find a space in your house with adequate room to move around and stretch (which is essential no matter the workout routine you choose), and that has good Wi-Fi connection. It would be nice (but not mandatory) to have a window in there too, as it tends to get hot when putting in your 110%.

3. Switch up your space if you can. If you do not require to only be in one place for your class, try switching to exercising on your balcony, at a friend’s house, at the park, or anywhere else with Wi-Fi and a change of scenery.

If the above makes you feel like you’ll be going into debt to start working out, take comfort in the fact that a survey found that respondents have invested an average of $95.79 in their at-home fitness. Note that this includes a quarter of respondents who bought an exercise bike, and 21% who purchased a treadmill or elliptical; both large purchases generally not required for the typical workout. But act fast, as stores have seen a 500% increase in home fitness equipment interest.

Get Started!

You now have a fitness coach waiting for you, the right equipment, the motivation, the Wi-Fi, are prepared! As with most aspects of life, getting into a routine can be challenging or scary. This is totally normal and can be solved by setting a schedule and sticking to it. Considering you will be needing your phone or computer to workout, set a reminder to take the time and join your virtual class.

Join your first class with a positive attitude, and do not feel discouraged if you feel lost or experience imposter syndrome. The key is to focus on your wellbeing and remind yourself of all the positive impacts you will reap. You have come this far, why not push a little harder? Everyone must start somewhere and by reading this, you are already getting started.


  • Choosing the class is often the hardest part. If you have something in mind - you are basically set! If not, follow the steps outlined above. With so many options, there is one for everyone. Just remember to try them out if you can.

  • Setting up your space is generally the easiest part of the process. You get to pick what you want, so have fun with it.

  • The whole point of this is to start working out properly from home. Getting in a routine will be tough at first, but little steps are what really brings you into motion.

Enjoy your virtual class, ask your virtual fitness coach any questions you have, seek advice from friends and family, and have fun!

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