Remote Workouts Are Here to Stay – Here is Why You Should Love Them

Twenty years ago, working out with a trainer meant heading to the gym. In today’s world, where everything seems to be moving online, working out with a trainer can be done through video chat and other means as well.

Sure, some might prefer going to the gym, but during a global pandemic, online fitness classes are by far the most optimal option. While fitness classes are making the shift quite successfully, evidence has even supported a massive gain in popularity by the general public. One Facebook spokeswoman pointed out that by March 18, the number of home workout posts on Instagram from the United States had increased by more than five times.

So clearly the means and desire to workout online is there, but… how exactly does one go about to moving to online fitness?

Typically, the answer lies within one of the following workout channels:

1. Live classes with a fitness coach (one-on-one or in groups)

2. Pre-recorded videos

To make the decision even easier, read on to discover the advantages of each method and what people are saying about them.

Why You Should Consider Live Online Fitness Classes with Instructors

Now, live classes were listed as the first option for online courses, but if that’s still hard to believe, check what one fitness coach had to say about it: “Online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer my clients what they need, when they need it, without the limitations and expenses of the gym so that I can offer a better, and more cost effective, service than an in-person trainer.”

Clients are still being offered what they need, but in a new and exciting way that allows the instructor and client to benefit more than usual. Here is a breakdown of the advantages:

1. Time

  • Clients no longer need to set aside the extra time for driving to the gym, or depend on operating hours

2. Expenses

  • Most fitness coaches are charging reduced fees.

  • Save on gym memberships and train as you please.

3. Quality

  • The combination of better timing paired with less expenses, along with the same world-class fitness coaches that were working in-person leads to a quality that is significantly better than any other means of working out with an instructor.

4. All the benefits of in-person training

  • All the reasons one might want to hire a personal instructor at a gym can be applied to choosing an online fitness coach.

  • Have a question for the instructor? Ask away. Need assistance for a certain technique, motion, etc.? That is still possible too. Motivation from the fitness coach? Feedback? It is all there on your screen.

Basically, anything that applies to in-person training is just as available on online fitness.

While some people may still feel reluctant to accept the great quality of online workouts, take this fitness coach’s word on how accepting clients online tends to be the favored method: "I think it's been a surprise to people how much they've benefited from the at-home online workout.”

Pre-Recorded Fitness Classes are History

It is safe to say that pre-recorded videos have been around since instructors been able to record themselves on a camera. In fact, when live fitness classes were not even an id

ea yet, workout videos were all the rage. Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda even released her own widely-popular workout routine on VHS in1982!

However, nowadays, YouTube tends to be the go-to for pre-recorded workout videos. The longevity of these types of videos does present one difficulty: with so many options available, how will I ever find the right set of videos for me?

Well unfortunately, with over 5,500 years-worth of yoga videos watched in 2014 alone, fitness content is basically endless so someone is better off finding the right online trainer. Additionally, all the benefits discussed for live fitness classes do not transfer over to pre-recorded videos. Aspects such as the lack of social interactions, the absence of immediate feedback and the inability to ask the fitness coach a question results in pre-recorded videos falling in the least recommended category.

While this form of online workout is not the number one recommended method, it can be useful to people with an extremely busy schedule, or who do not have the option to sign up for live classes.

Live Workouts are Becoming Easier to Access

The global pandemic in 2020 has created great constraints for individuals to train at their local gyms. Guidelines and restrictions posed by most countries and states have prohibited individuals to train for several months. Some have resorted to buying gym equipment for their home workouts while others used creativity to their advantage by working out with homemade equipment using water jugs as dumbbells. But the vast majority has not had the means nor the dedication to go through such procedures to train.

Enter Fit-Concierge, a Malibu-based fitness company with the mission to provide gym enthusiasts across the globe to train with live instructors, via their mobile fitness app or website. Fit Concierge offers extensive courses and highly qualified instructors for individuals to improve their well-being, from their physical and mental health with the sole purpose to enhance individuals’ wellbeing, regardless of where they might be located or restrictions posed by the pandemic.

The Final Breakdown

The benefits of live online workouts are boundless. While live classes with an instructor are the preferred method, here is a breakdown of the 3 main possibilities:

1. Live one-on-ones with a fitness coach

  • Allows one to reap all the benefits of in-person training, online, in addition to the extra benefits of not having to physically go to the gym — all in a personal setting.

2. Live classes

  • Again, all the benefits of in-person training, online, in addition to the extra benefits of not having to physically go to the gym — but in a group setting.

3. Pre-recorded videos

  • Out of the 3, this one is not the best. But it is better than not working out or in some cases, working out on your own.

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