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Fit Women

Our Mission

To democratize access to VIP fitness and create the ultimate convenient, cost-effective, and client-focused health app on the market; that treats its certified instructors with unrivaled care and consideration. That's Fit Concierge.

Prenatal Yoga

Our Vision

Fit Concierge isn’t your usual fitness app. Founded by a renowned celebrity personal trainer, we believe in democratizing access to VIP wellness at a fraction of the cost and putting health into the hands of all who want it.


Our Story

Founded by expert celebrity personal trainer Peter Deacy, Fit Concierge was established in 2020 out of a desire to democratize VIP fitness and put health into the hands of all who want it. Peter’s decades of experience working with major clients ranging from Natalie Portman to Rainn Wilson have given him unparalleled tools and skill sets to assist clients of all fitness levels. 


Peter’s philosophy, that fitness belongs to all, highlights that everyone arrives at their fitness journey at a different stage. Fit Concierge meets you where you are in your health journey both literally and figuratively and delivers a customized experience that prioritizes the needs of both its clients and certified trainers. 


In these unprecedented times - health and wellness have never been more important nor have they been more difficult to achieve. We saw this as an opportunity to reimagine exercise by integrating the ease of technology and our Work(out) from Home philosophy into your daily routine.


Long trips to the gym, feeling uncomfortable exercising around others, feeling a disconnect with your trainer; all these can and should be a thing of the past, and we at Fit Concierge are motivated to make it so.

Online Workout

Our Values


Fitness belongs to all and we at Fit Concierge believe that it is our obligation to make health accessible, affordable, and available on all major digital platforms and to the public at-large.


Quality fitness results can only be achieved with quality trainers. Fit Concierge is committed to not just building a high-quality app but also to intensive and unrivaled vetting of its certified instructors. 


Too many fitness journeys never begin because of a lack of empowerment. Our service is designed to ensure that no matter where you begin, our instructors meet you there and empower you each and every step of the way.


These past two years, we’ve all learned the true power of community. We’re working to build an extensive network that supports, uplifts, and motivates all those within the Fit Concierge family. 

Want to change the lives of others?
Become a Fit Concierge instructor. 

Welcome the Fit Concierge family.

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